Periodontics & Gum Disease in Louisville, CO

periodontic care at the dentist in louisville

Periodontal health is foundational to overall oral well-being. At The Dentist in Louisville, we understand the gravity of its role, offering top-notch services in Periodontics and Gum Disease. Our approach integrates treatments such as teeth scaling, deep cleaning, and periodontal maintenance, ensuring our Louisville community benefits from optimal oral health.


What is Periodontics?  

Periodontics is anything relating to the diagnosis, and treatment of gum diseases and conditions impacting tooth-supporting structures, such as gums and bone. At the forefront of our periodontal care is Dr. Jay Barta. With a rich educational background and hands-on experience, Dr. Barta ensures every patient at The Dentist in Louisville receives comprehensive care, from basic teeth scaling to advanced gum disease dental treatments.

Understanding Gum Disease and Its Impacts

Gum disease, often undetected in its early stages because it rarely causes pain, can significantly affect one’s overall health. Its causes range from poor oral hygiene to genetic susceptibility. Early symptoms include bleeding gums during brushing or flossing and persistent bad breath. Over time, without treatments such as dental scaling and root planing, it can lead to tooth loss.

The Dentist in Louisville Treatment Process

One of the frontline treatments against gum disease is dental scaling and root planing. This dental deep-cleaning procedure removes plaque and tartar from below the gumline and smoothens the tooth roots. Not only does it treat active gum disease, but it also prevents future infections. For those curious about the scaling and root planning cost, our office offers transparent pricing options, ensuring our patients make informed decisions. Give us a call today!

Who Knew Visiting The Dentist Could Be So Enjoyable?

Short answer: our patients. Come see for yourself today.

How Much Care Does Periodontitis Require? 

Routine care is important for periodontal health and proper treatment has been completed. We recommend patients undergo a periodontal check, including dental teeth scaling or deep cleaning teeth procedures, at least twice per year. Still, patients who have received treatment for gum disease need to be seen more frequently and should expect to see their dentist every 3-4 months.  Individual needs may vary, and Dr. Barta tailors the frequency of visits based on personalized assessments.

Risk Factors and Protecting Periodontal Health

Certain lifestyle choices and conditions can elevate the risk of gum disease. Smoking, poor nutrition, and even stress can contribute. Regular check-ups, combined with treatments such as periodontal maintenance and teeth scaling, can significantly reduce these risks.

Entrust Your Periodontal Health to The Best in Louisville

With an array of services from basic teeth scaling to advanced treatments like dental scaling and root planing, The Dentist in Louisville stands as the beacon of periodontal care in the region. Dr. Jay Barta and his team are dedicated to offering meticulous care, backed by the latest in dental technology. For those in Louisville seeking unmatched periodontal care, it’s time to make The Dentist in Louisville your go-to destination.