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Restorative dental bridges available in Louisville, CO

At The Dentist in Louisville, we understand that missing teeth can affect your oral health and confidence. When restoring missing teeth, dental bridges offer an effective and reliable solution. We offer a comprehensive range of dental services, including dental bridges, to help you restore your smile’s beauty and functionality.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a restorative dental treatment that effectively replaces one or more missing teeth. It “bridges” the gap created by the missing teeth, restoring both the appearance and functionality of your smile. 

A dental bridge consists of two main components: the abutment teeth and the pontic. These abutment teeth act as anchors for the bridge. The pontic is the artificial tooth that fills the space created by the missing tooth or teeth. Together, they form a fixed dental restoration that not only fills the gap but also prevents the surrounding teeth from shifting.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

At The Dentist in Louisville, we believe that dental bridges offer numerous benefits to our patients. By choosing a dental bridge to replace your missing teeth, you can enjoy:

  • Restored Functionality
  • Enhanced Smile Aesthetics
  • Improved Speech
  • Facial Structure Support
  • Even Bite Distribution
  • Preservation of Oral Health
  • A Durable Tooth Replacement Solution

Why Would I Need a Tooth Bridge?

If you’re wondering why you would need a tooth bridge, here are some common reasons why patients choose this restorative dental solution:

  • Restoring Functionality – A dental bridge fills the gap left by missing teeth, allowing you to chew and speak properly again. 
  • Improving Smile Aesthetics – A dental bridge not only replaces the missing tooth or teeth but also enhances the overall aesthetics of your smile.  We use tooth-colored material to create a dental bridge that blends in naturally with the rest of your teeth.
  • Preventing Dental Problems – By filling the gap with a dental bridge, you can prevent surrounding teeth from shifting to maintain the proper alignment.
  • Enhancing Facial Structure – Missing teeth translate to poor support of your lips and cheeks, creating a sunken appearance. A dental bridge can prevent a  prematurely aged appearance.

Who Knew Visiting The Dentist Could Be So Enjoyable?

Short answer: our patients. Come see for yourself today.

Dental Bridge Procedure

  1. Initial Examination: Your dental journey begins with a comprehensive examination with Dr. Barta. He will examine your oral health, discuss your dental goals, and determine if a dental bridge is the right solution for you.
  2. Preparing the Abutment Teeth: To ensure a secure foundation for the fixed dental bridge, the abutment teeth adjacent to the gap are prepared. This involves removing a small amount of enamel to make room for the dental crowns that anchor the bridge.
  3. Taking Impressions: Precise impressions of your teeth are taken to create a custom-made dental bridge that fits perfectly in your mouth.
  4. Temporary Bridge Placement: While your custom dental bridge is being fabricated, a temporary bridge is placed to protect your prepared teeth and maintain the aesthetics of your smile.
  5. Final Bridge Placement and Adjustments: Once your custom bridge is ready, you will return to our office for its placement. Dr. Barta will ensure proper fit and alignment, making any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal comfort and functionality. Once the bridge is securely placed, it will be permanently bonded to the abutment teeth.

Is it Painful to Get a Dental Bridge?

We prioritize your comfort and strive to ensure your dental experience is as pain-free as possible. During the dental bridge placement procedure, Dr. Barta will administer local anesthesia to numb the area around the abutment teeth and the surrounding tissues.

After the abutment preparation, as well as the dental bridge placement, it is normal to experience some mild soreness or sensitivity in the treated area. Following proper post-treatment care instructions, maintaining good oral hygiene, and attending regular dental check-ups will help ensure a smooth recovery and long-term success of your dental bridge.

Cost of Dental Bridges

Your dental insurance plan may cover part of your dental bridge treatment. Call our dental office for specific questions about pricing or insurance coverage.

How Long Do Dental Bridges Last?

The longevity of your dental bridge will depend on various factors, such as oral hygiene, bite habits, oral health conditions, and frequency of dental check-ups. Taking good care of your dental bridge can increase its lifespan.

Teeth Replacement in Louisville, CO

Dental bridges are designed to help restore your smile’s beauty, functionality, and overall oral health. Don’t let missing teeth hold you back from smiling confidently and enjoying the benefits of a complete, functional smile. Take the first step towards restoring your dental health and enhancing your quality of life by scheduling an initial consultation with The Dentist in Louisville today.